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monuments cesena

City of the Malatesta lands, which now boasts various museums dedicated to its own history, such as the Biblioteca Malatestiana (Malatesta Library), one of a kind in the world for its state of preservation with priceless manuscripts, and the Rocca Malatestiana (Malatesta Fortress), one of the most important in Romagna, which hosts the Agriculture Museum. It is also famous for its city center full of trendy stores and cafés.



Small medieval city where the Malatesta Castle stands, home of the Region's richest collection of modern and contemporary art, the "Tito Balestra Foundation." 
The Vintage Record Museum, the collection of Masks of the Commedia Dell'Arte and the Territory Museum are also found in this beautiful small city.


mosaics ravenna

Ravenna stands close to a magnificent pinewood and boasts an extraordinary number of basilicas, baptistries and mausoleums. The harmony of the classical-style buildings blends together with precious marbles and the famous Byzantine mosaics. The city is also well known for its main street lined with fashion boutiques.



Located in the heart of Italy and well connected to major European cities, Rimini is the symbol and the ideal of diversified tourism. Rimini, ancient and modern, popular and cultural, spectacular and traditional was immortalized by the great master of Italian cinema, Federico Fellini, who with his art brought its myth around the world.

San Marino

castle san marino

The famous old republic with its historical heritage, museums and wonderful buildings. Beside the scenic beauty of the country, San Marino also offers a large assortment of arts and crafts and souvenirs, with great shopping and amusement opportunities.


monuments santarcagelo di romagna

Santarcangelo is a special town. Perhaps because here traditions continue to thrive, perhaps because of the monuments, mysterious caves and fairs. Here you will find lovely wrought-iron objects and traditional printed fabrics. Santarcangelo, which is only a short distance from the sea, has an atmosphere all its own that makes it different from the other towns in the hinterland.